consciousness: a blog post worthy of some proper consideration by people who groove to a more scientific, rational approach to understanding various philosophies on consciousness.

The idea that the mind is an irreducible third element of reality, and that science has overreached in claiming a pseudo-scientific position that the mind can simply be reduced to chemical / physical processes and laws of physics resonates somewhat.

The author argues that the Buddhist philosophy states all functioning phenomena are dependent upon:

  • causality (universal laws of physics)
  • structure (matter)
  • designation by mind

The computationalist view (which educated, Western minds uncritically assume is scientifically correct), believe that all functioning phenomena are dependent upon:

  • causality
  • structure

"...with the mind being reducible to the operations of causality on structure in the same way that the activities of a computer are reducible to the operation of algorithms on data structures" [1]

I would find it utterly unsurprising that in future the mainstream view shifts to acknowledging the mind is non-algorithmic, that consciousness represents much more than mere causality operating on structure, and that our initial confidence in strong A.I and a materialist philosophy was a tad arrogant and rather naive.