radical change: that great pernicious truth - that radical change is impossible - is only true if we believe it. The #FWDORG conference was a powerful and moving reminder of this.

Last week leading campaigners and activists from around the world gathered in this futuristic space (a church no less) in Sydney to share stories, strategies and provide inspiration to those motivated to pursue global justice in all its forms.

Provide inspiration? Wouldn’t a ragtag bunch of outnumbered, underfunded and outgunned people only offer total cynicism, despairing capitulation to the status quo and a general sense of hopelessness, like we're supposed to offer to each other?

Having been moved deeply by the intelligence, commitment and creativity of these people I would argue - very strongly - that this is not the case.

We heard from key people in the Australian Marriage Equality campaign, Stop Adani movement, Bernie Sanders and Jacinda Ardern campaign teams, along with Clinton Pryor and many others.

We rightly despair at the state of politics globally, but Becky Bond’s keynote - a clarion call for radical change (it’s possible - just don’t opt for incrementalism, and don’t buy the lie that it represents political and ideological ‘naivety’) - reminded us that the leaders we want are in our communities already, waiting. It’s up to us to help discover, support and elect them.

Wandering around the conference over the two days, sitting in on sessions and talking to people, I had the sense many of those potential leaders were in fact right there. I was truly awed by the total commitment and sharp intellect of so many people in the movement. It was impossible not to conclude that with more support from the rest of us a lot more good will triumph.

We just need a few more chairs and people in spaces like this.!